10 Features to look for when Buying a Shaker Bottle

Shaker bottles are a fitness accessory staple for serious athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those just starting their younger towards a healthier lifestyle. Most people mix up protein shakes, pre-workout and meal replacements in their shaker bottle, but some shaker bottles can also be used for scrambling eggs, creating salad dressings and even mixing gravy granules!

Here at the Shaker Shop we’re experts in all things shaker bottle. Here’s our 10 point guide for what to look out for when you buy your next shaker bottle.

1. Leak Free

There’s nothing worse than a protein shake explosion straight after your workout. Cheap shaker bottles do not have tight seals so are inclined to leak all over your gym bag or car seat. Make sure you look for a bottle with a snap tight cap and screw tight lid.

2. Mixing Ability

Lumping, clumpy protein shakes are not what you want after a tough workout. Cheap shaker bottles often contain no mixing element and powder can get stuck in the bottom making them hard to clean. Look for shaker bottles with a mixing element. This might be a static mixing element, like the Cyclone Cup, or a metal whisk. The benefits of a static mixing element are that they are silent when mixing and also harder to lose.

3. Durability

If like me your shaker bottle has fallen out of your locker or gym bag you know how embarrassing it can be having to clean up the mess in front of your gym buddies. Make sure your shaker bottle is made from good quality materials and isn’t going to shatter on impact.

4. Capacity

Your preferred capacity is likely to depend on how many scoops of powder you add to your shake. As a rule of thumb you want a shaker with a 300-600ml capacity.

5. Storage Compartments

There’s no way that 1kg bag of protein powder is going to fit in your gym bag. Many premium shaker bottles now come with storage compartments for powders, snacks and supplements.

6. Chemical Free Materials

Make sure your shaker bottle is BPA and Phthalate-free. These chemicals, often found in cheap shaker bottles, have been shown to have potential negative effects brain behaviour and human development.

7. Colour

You’ve bought that new gym outfit, expensive pair of trainers and gym bag. Make sure your shaker bottle matches your style. We make sure all our shaker bottles are available in a variety of colours for extra kudos in the gym.

8. Easy to clean

The last thing you want to do when get home from your workout is start scrubbing your shaker bottle. Make sure your shaker bottle is dishwasher safe and can fit in the top rack of your dishwasher. As we said earlier a good mixing element will help prevent build up of unmixed powder.

9. Portable

This may not always be top of mind when you purchase your shaker bottle but a lightweight and portable bottle is going to make your life so much easier. Look for shaker bottles that fit in your car cup holder and also come with a handle for easier carrying. You can also attached your keys to this handle during your workout.

10. Value for Money

A good shaker bottle is likely to last you a good few years so it’s worth investing in a bottle that meets your needs. Good shaker bottles are priced at £10-15 which is a fairly small investment when you consider all the use you will get out it.

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