The Benefits of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are made up of protein powder mixed with liquid and other ingredients to make a blended drink that is consumed either before a workout or post-workout. Protein shakes have traditionally been costumed by bodybuilders but are now popular with people from all walks of life who want to improve their health and body shape.

Most protein powder used in protein shakes usually comes in the form of whey powered which is a derivative of cow’s milk, hemp, and soy.

Adding protein to your diet through protein shakes has many benefits including:

Building Muscle

When exercising, whether it is high intensity or not your muscle tissue becomes torn and therefore they need to repair once your workout is over. Protein plays a very important role in repairing muscles and when it is consumed in liquid form it is easier for the body to absorb. When protein is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream it prevents muscle loss and can even improve muscle mass, hence why protein shakes are popular with bodybuilders.

Helping to Control Weight

Some people use protein shakes as a way to control their weight as opposed to building muscle. Protein is used as a meal replacement as it allows you to control portion sizes and calories. With a shake, you are getting all of the calories and carbs that you need as well as essential nutrients that can be added to the protein shake bottle.

Improved Immunity

If you regularly suffer from illness and are wanting to improve your immune system supplementing our diet with protein shakes. Research has shown that people who regularly partake in strenuous exercise suffer from reduced glutathione levels which can cause damage to the nervous system and the immune system. When those in the tests consumed preteen supplements before a cardio session their glutathione levels did not drop as much.

Boosts Your Nutrient Intake

It can be difficult to get your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals through diet alone, especially if you find it difficult to get the time to cook healthy meals. Alongside the protein powder, your shake can contain everything from frozen berries to coconut oil and linseeds—whatever nutrients you think your body needs. Think of your five a day in one or two shakes alongside protein to boost your muscle mass.

It’s Convenient

Above all, protein shakes are very convenient for those leading a busy lifestyle. To get as much protein and vitamins into your diet as you required means lots of cooking and preparation, which is not always possible. When you invest in a premium protein shaker you can easily transport protein powder that can be mixed with liquid at your convenience.

While eating protein in your diet is always the recommended way to get a number of nutrients you need, it is not always possible which is why protein shakes have so many benefits.

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