Best Protein Shaker Bottle 2017

The Cyclone Cup was rated the best protein shaker bottle on the market in 2017 by

The top 10 leading brands of protein shaker bottle were scored on a variety of features and attributes, including:

  • Good Seal – leak-free and spill-proof
  • Durability – made from good quality materials, hard to break
  • Mixing Mechanism – no clumps or lumps after shaking
  • Easy to Clean – simple to disassemble and dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free – no nasty, harmful chemicals
  • Size – capacity and volume
  • Grip – easy to hold and carry
  • Design – colours, texture and graphics

Out of the 10 leading brands, Cyclone Cup was rated as the best protein shaker bottle. Here’s why the judges rated Cyclone Cup number 1:

  • Cyclone Cup’s patented secure lock cap & screw tight lid ensures no leaks or spills in your gym bag or over your car seat
  • Comes with a dry storage compartment for pills, powders or anything else you might need to take with you
  • The stationary vortex-shaped mixer moves against the flow of the ingredients instead of with it and delivers super quiet mixing so you won’t cause a racket at the gym
  • Cyclone Cup is BPA free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • The primary liquid compartment comes in an elegant smoked surface and the lid & pill compartments are available in a variety of colours

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