What is the Best Protein Shaker on the Market?

Best Protein ShakerWith so many shakers on the market it can be hard to decide which one is the best protein shaker. This all depends on what you are looking for, as protein shakers now come with a wide range of features and brands are innovating every day.

Traditionally gym enthusiasts have used cheap or free shakers as part of a deal when they buy other supplements like whey protein, pre-workout and BCAAs. In the last few years specialist brands have set up who exclusively produce protein shakers, water jugs and meal prep containers.

Some of these brands include ShakeSphere (as seen on Dragon’s Den), Alpha Bottle, Perfect Shaker and Cyclone Cup. These premium shakers have raised the bar allowing gym enthusiasts to choose from a variety of colours, materials, sizes, mixers and storage features. Here’s our guide to choosing the best protein shaker.


What to look for when purchasing the Best Protein Shaker


Protein shakers now come in a huge range of colours to match your gym kit. These include Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver/Grey, White and Yellow. Click here to see our full range of shaker bottles by Colour.


Most shaker bottles are made from BPA-free, shatter-proof plastic, which is food grade approved and contains no nasty chemicals. All are dishwasher safe and some are even freezer and microwave safe. Other shakers are made from stainless steel and are seen as more durable and can keep contents cold for up to 12 hours. Click here to see our range of Stainless Steel Shakers.

Size (capacity)

Protein shaker bottles now come in a range of capacities – smaller 400-500ml shakers, like the SmartShake Slim, are easy to fit into your gym bag or car cup holder, whereas 1 litre shakers are perfect for double-size post-workout shakes. Click here to see our range of Large Capacity shakers.


Traditionally protein shakers have come with a stainless steel mixer ball to help break powders up and prevent lumpy shakers. However, these can be noisy and are easy to lose. Some shakers like Perfect Shaker have an integrated mixer wire in the rod and others use a strainer attached to the lid.

Storage Compartments

Being able to access nutrition on the go has become more important in recent years, as we rush from work to the gym. So many protein shakers now include one or multiple storage compartments for powders, pills, supplements and snacks. Click here to see our range of Shakers with Storage.

Which are the Best Protein Shaker Bottles on the Market?


Here at Shaker Shop we eat, sleep and breathe protein shakers so we have devised a list of what we think are the 10 Best Protein Shaker Bottles you can buy. This all depends on your needs and budget so we have included key features and prices to help you make a decision.


Cyclone Cup

best protein shaker









  • Colours: Cups available in solid and smoked. Lid and storage compartments come in a range of colours including Black, Blue, White, Red & Pink
  • Material: BPA & DEHP free plastic, top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Size: 500ml slim design so can fit neatly in most car cup holders
  • Mixer: Widely regarded as the best protein shaker money can buy, the Cyclone Cup makes use of a stationary vortex-shaped mixer attached to the top
  • Storage: 6 oz Dry Storage Cyclone Capsule and Patented Click n’ Go pill storage lid
  • Price: £11,99
  • Other Features: Patented Secure Lock Cap & Lid, easy pour spout, ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry


Perfect Shaker

Marvel Superhero Collection Gym Protein Shaker Bottle Mixer Cup









  • Colours: Range of DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Infinity War and WWE characters
  • Material: Made with eco-friendly plastic, 100% BPA Free, food grade UV ExtraLast Ink. This makes hero shaker bottles safe and fun for all family members to enjoy.
  • Size: Huge 800ml capacity – ideal for double serving protein shakes. Extra wide mouth
  • Mixer: The stainless steel mixer is attached to the rod ensuring a smooth mix with no clumps, no lumps, and no mess
  • Storage: None
  • Price: £16,99
  • Other Features: Screw on lid, without rubber seal and leak free! Stay-open flip cap


Alpha Bottle









  • Colours: Range of 7 lid colours with smoked and clear cups
  • Material: BPA & DEHP free
  • Size: Large 750-1000ml capacity, perfect for intra-workout drinks and big post-workout shakes
  • Mixer: Curved bottom for easy cleaning and more efficient mixing
  • Storage: None
  • Price: £12.99
  • Other Features: ‘Alpha Seal’ silicone seal ensures the shaker is 100% leak proof. Secure leak proof screw cap. Ergonomic textured grip.










  • Colours: Huge range of colour combinations including the Neon range
  • Material: Made from BPA free plastic and is 100% leak-proof. You can use it every day, store it in the freezer, heat its contents in the microwave and wash up in the dishwasher afterwards.
  • Size: Slim (500ml), Original (600ml), Lite (1L)
  • Mixer: Snap-on strainer
  • Storage: Three compartments to store pills and powders
  • Price: £7.99-£12.99
  • Other Features: SmartShake’s unique design is compact, yet light. And thanks to its snap-on strainer, there are no loose parts.










  • Colours: Black, Desert Tan, Army Green, Gun Metal Grey
  • Material: BPA/DEHP free. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Size: 568ml
  • Mixer: Mesh Strainer
  • Storage: Removable storage compartment which can fit a scoop, and approximately three full servings of protein and a convenient capsule storage section in the cap.
  • Price: £11.99
  • Other Features: This is no ordinary shaker! With its distinctive Grenade branding and patented design, it makes a statement!











  • Colours: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink
  • Material: BPA/DEHP free.
  • Size: 620ml
  • Mixer: Stainless Steel Wire Mixer Ball
  • Storage: None
  • Price: £9.99
  • Other Features: The Nutristrength Shaker is a convenient way to take your protein with you and make a shake when you need it most.












  • Colours: Range of colours including Black, Pink, Blue & White
  • Material: BPA free – durable for performance, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.
  • Size: 700ml capacity, slim enough to fit in your car cup holder
  • Mixer: Internal rounded capsule for easy mixing of supplements, no corners. Non-stick, easy clean and mixes up to 4 times faster than other protein shakers
  • Storage: 5 extra storage compartments
  • Price: £9.99
  • Other Features: The world’s best protein shaker sports bottle driven by the patented internal capsule design.










  • Colour: Smoked with Green Lid & Black Cap, MP logo on both sides
  • Material: BPA Free, DEHP Free, Food Grade Approved
  • Size: Large 800ml capacity
  • Mixer: Strainer
  • Storage: None
  • Price: £9.99
  • Other Features: Leak-proof lid

USN Tornado









  • Colour: Black, Navy Blue, Green, Pink, Cyan Blue
  • Material: BPA Free, DEHP Free, Food Grade Approved
  • Size: 500ml capacity
  • Mixer: Inner Mesh
  • Storage: Detachable compartment to hold a serving protein
  • Price: £7.99
  • Other Features: Screw top lid to prevent leaks, sealed mouthpiece inside and out

PhD Stainless Steel









  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel – Strong and reliable shaker which can withstand prolonged usage
  • Size: 700ml capacity – Tough flip open lid which helps prevent any leakages in your gym bag
  • Mixer: Mixing grate built into the lid – powder won’t stick and clump like plastic shakers
  • Storage: None
  • Price: £9.99
  • Other Features: Suitable for cold drinks only – do not use with any hot drinks

Conclusion: Best Protein Shaker

All the shakers listed above are great quality and will help you reach your conditioning and fitness goals. Shaker Shop is the only brand out there dedicated to bringing you the most innovative protein shaker brands. You can also check out our Special Offers page and save by mixing and matching shakers, water jugs, supplements and gym accessories.

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