Best Protein Shaker

What is the Best Protein Shaker on the Market?

With so many shakers on the market it can be hard to decide which one is the best protein shaker. This all depends on what you are looking for, as protein shakers now come with a wide range of features and brands are innovating every day. Traditionally gym enthusiasts have used cheap or free shakers as part of a deal when they buy other supplements like whey protein, pre-workout and BCAAs. In the last .

A Beginners Guide to Protein

If you are currently working out and are not sure about the importance of protein this beginner’s guide will help you understand what protein is, why it is important to our diet and when you need to take it. Protein is an important part of our diet due to the non-essential amino acids that are contained in it. These amino acids play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body and are seen as .

The Importance of BPA Free Protein Shakers

If you are a fan of protein shakes and you drink them on a regular basis, do you know exactly what type of shaker you are using? Many plastic bottles contain the chemical BPA which can be very dangerous for your health. What is BPA? Bisphenol, known as BPA, is a synthetic chemical that is commonly used in plastics (clear and tinted) that are used to make food containers and water bottles. BPA is .

The Best Post Workout Foods

If you fall into the habit of rewarding yourself with a takeaway or a bar of chocolate after a workout you could be ruining all of your good work. What you eat after your workout is just as, if not more, important than what you eat before you exercise. WHY YOU SHOULD EAT PRE-WORKOUT Your body stores energy in the form of glycogen and protein which is broken down when exercising once the food .

The Benefits of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are made up of protein powder mixed with liquid and other ingredients to make a blended drink that is consumed either before a workout or post-workout. Protein shakes have traditionally been costumed by bodybuilders but are now popular with people from all walks of life who want to improve their health and body shape. Most protein powder used in protein shakes usually comes in the form of whey powered which is a .

101 Ways to Lose Weight

Summer might be coming to an end but there’s no reason to pile on the pounds over winter. Here’s our guide to 101 ways to lose weight. You might have tried some of these before and some might be totally new to you. The key to this is variety. If one method doesn’t work for you don’t give up. Try and combine numerous methods to create your own bespoke weight loss programme. Remember this .

5 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes

If you are fed up of having the same old protein shake before and after your workouts, let us help you with these 5 delicious protein shake recipes. To make all of these recipes ensure sure you invest in a premium protein shaker bottle that is BPA free that will stand the test of time. PRE-WORKOUT SHAKES These three easy to make shakes are great to drink before a workout to enhance muscle strength, .

How your Diet can Affect your Fitness

You can exercise as much as you like, but if you are not fuelling your body with the correct foods and supplements you will not achieve the body that you desire. An experienced trainer or gym instructor will not only teach you the best exercises for your body, they will talk about how you can help your body from the inside. It is time to ditch the junk food and get out your protein .

7 Benefits of a High-Protein Diet

If you think that you should be eating more protein but are not sure exactly why protein is so good for you, take a look at the top 7 benefits of eating a high protein diet. 1. Improved Muscular Health One of the main reasons people increase their protein intake is to build muscle mass. Protein acts as the building block for muscle development so it makes sense that the more we eat the stronger .

5 Benefits of Investing in a Premium Protein Shaker

If you are serious about improving your diet and getting fit then you are likely to have read about the importance of protein in your diet. There are many protein products on the market to help you achieve your fitness goals and when thinking about what powders to buy you need to also think about how you will consume them. Premium protein shakers have many benefits including: 1. Easy to Mix If you are .
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