ShakeSphere ShakeSphere was founded upon the need for a supplement Shaker Bottle that actually worked for use before, during and after a workout. Shakesphere eradicates the need for mixing accessories by using its patented capsule shape to do the mixing for you. The centrifugal force rapidly breaks down supplements blending mixtures in a flash. No powders get stuck in the corners or on mixing accessories (as there aren’t any) like that of a traditional shaker, no remnants are left in the bottle which in turn saves you money, cleaning time and avoids the accompanying potent smells.

ShakeSphere has continually involved during its testing and development period, taking on board feedback over the years from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, coaches along with people from many other walks of life. By doing so they believe they have the best shaker on the market and we have had testimonials and reviews to justify such claims.

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