We have a huge range of orange protein shaker bottles including Cyclone Cup, Perfect Shaker, Mutant, NutriStrength and SmartShake. Prices start from just £9.99, with free UK delivery on all orders over £20. Our orange protein shaker cups come in a variety of sizes from 500ml to 1 litre capacity – perfect for double serving protein shakes!

All our orange protein shaker bottles have secure, screw tight lids and snap caps and are 100% leak free. Shakers either contain a stainless steel mixer ball or mixing grate to ensure smooth shakes with no clumps or lumps.

Some of our orange shakers contain built in storage compartments for powders, snacks and supplements, meaning you can access nutrition on the go. Their sleek design means they fit neatly in your gym bag or car cup holder. All our orange shaker cups are made from eco friendly & non toxic BPA free plastic. We even have stainless steel shakers.

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