Stainless Steel Protein ShakerOur stainless steel protein shaker bottles are a stylish alternative to conventional plastic shakers. These strong and reliable stainless steel protein shaker bottles can withstand prolonged usage and are dishwasher safe. They are suitable for cold drinks only – do not use with any hot drinks.

Stainless steel shakers are odourless and tasteless. They contain a mixing grate built into the lid to break up any clumps or clumps and ensure a smooth shake. Powder won’t stick and clump like plastic shakers, so they are easy to clean, rinse and reuse.

Our stainless steel protein shaker bottles range in size from 500ml to 750ml capacity. Perfect for double size protein shakes. All shakers come with a secure leak-proof lid to prevent spills. Their sleek design means they fit nicely into your gym bag or car cup holder for easy transportation. The Swedish MetalShake also comes with two storage compartments for powders, snacks and supplements.


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