Alpha Bottle 2L XXL Water Jug + 1L Protein Shaker + Supplement Storage Pods (Pack of 3)


Fantastic Alpha Bottle Bundle Deal to meet all your nutritional needs!



  • STAY HYDRATED DURING YOUR WORKOUTS – with the HUGE Alpha Bottle Water Jug (2.4L) and Protein Shaker Bottle (1L). Perfect for the gym, outdoor sports and camping!
  • LEAK FREE – both bottles feature the ‘Alpha Seal’ silicone seal which ensures the bottles are 100% leak proof and come with a secure leak proof screw cap.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT – the XXL Water Jug comes fitted with a heavy duty rubber carry handle for easy carriage and the protein shaker bottle fits in most car drink holders.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – the Alpha Protein Shaker comes with a curved bottom for easy cleaning and more efficient mixing. Every aspect of the bottle has been meticulously designed to fit into your hectic lifestyle.
  • SUPPLEMENT STORAGE – Alpha Pods are the ultimate accessory for storing and transporting your favourite snacks and supplements. The Alpha Pod features a 90 degree twist and lock lid which keeps the contents safe and secure. Each Alpha Pod has a 190cc capacity which is ideal for carrying up to two scoops of whey protein.

*Water Jugs also available in smaller 1.6L size (Smoke Black, Clear Black, Pink)
*Shakers also available in smaller 750ml size (Smoke Black, Clear Black, Pink)

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Smoke Black, Clear Black, Smoke Blue, Clear Blue, Clear / Smoked, Solid Blue / Clear Blue, Solid Blue / Clear Black, Solid Blue / Smoked Black, Solid Red / Clear Black, Solid Red / Smoked Black, Solid Blue / Black Pods, Solid Blue / Blue Pods, Solid Red / Black Pods, Smoke Red / Black Pods, Clear Red / Black Pods, Smoke Blue / Black Pods, Clear Blue / Black Pods, Smoke Blue / Blue Pods, Clear Blue / Blue Pods, 1.6L Jug / 750ml Shaker (Smoke Black), 1.6L Jug / 750ml Shaker (Clear Black), 1.6L Jug / 750ml Shaker (Pink)


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