ShakeSphere V2 700ml

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Protein shaker bottle from ShakeSphere with compartments for storage for ShakeSphere. As seen on Dragon’s Den!



Protein shaker bottle from ShakeSphere v2 with compartments for storage for snacks and supplements. As seen on Dragon’s Den!

  • The world’s best protein mixer sports bottle driven by the patented internal capsule design.
  • Mix and hand blend your protein shakes with ease using the new ShakeSphere v2 mixer bottle. You’ll never need a mixer ball again!
  • 5 extra storage compartments and an innovative internal rounded capsule for easy mixing of supplements, protein powders, meal replacement powders and soft fruits without the need for additional mixing accessories like a mixer ball or mesh.
  • Your 100% leak-proof 700ml ShakeSphere v2 protein mixer and sports bottle is durable for performance, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.
  • No leaks, no BPA, no corners – non-stick, easy clean and mixes up to 4 times faster than other protein shakers
  • Your durable ShakeSphere v2 protein shaker with compartments comes with a rounded inside with no corners meaning there are no lumps in your protein shake and it’s easy to clean.
  • It fits in your car cup holder and has a loop hole in the lid for attaching keys and easy carrying.
  • ShakeSphere was created to address the major flaws of other shakers and sports bottles making it the best sports shaker and protein shaker with storage available. Slide cap screw cap to prevent leakage of the best supplement shaker money can buy.

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