ShakesSphere Tumbler 700ml


ShakeSphere’s opposing hemispheres around a central cylinder creates a capsule shape to breakdown powders and soft fruits.

Available in Matte Black, Rose Gold, Cyan Blue and White.

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The Shakesphere Tumbler is beautiful, simple and will be your best training partner. This matte or metallic finish is the perfect accompaniment for that extra sprinkle of cool that you don’t need to shout about. The tactile finish is stunning!

The ShakeSphere Tumbler uses opposing hemispheres around a central cylinder creates a capsule shape. Extensive testing of this mixing environment demonstrated is the faultless shape to breakdown powders and soft fruits. The benefits of ShakeSphere’s patented system enable mixing of supplements without the need for a mixing ball or a mesh grid, no powders get stuck so it saves you money, avoids horrible smells and makes it super easy to clean! Doing away with mixing accessories has made supplement intake cleaner and more practical.

The slide cap will not pop open in your bag, drip, or poke you in the eye when consuming your beverage, it is hygienic and the silicone makes the perfect leak proof closure.

Featuring recyclable materials, matte finish, and precision engineered silicone cap. ShakeSphere Tumbler is best suited to handwash only.

Perfect for, meal replacement powder, protein powder, other mixable supplements, soft fruit (shake well for 15 sends then add milk/ water).

The most amazing mixing, using and cleaning experience of any shaker bottle. Prepare to save money, look cool and perform better!

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